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    Lightbulb Ummm, Something changed, need opinions please

    Well, I'm in the begining of my 6th week of a Sust/Fina/Winny cycle and something DRASTICALLY changed yesterday. Today I have fealt tired, a headache, and VERY cranky/emotional.

    So to confuse matters even more I started my Winny last Wednesday and a new batch of Fina Saturday. Friday was the begining of Cytomel . I know, a lot of variables changed pretty quickly there. I was not expecting the Fina to be any more or less potent than it was before.

    When I say something changed I mean more than just the crankyness, headaches, and tired feeling. I was stacking weight tonight for my back that blew my mind. My arms have never been this pumped, they freaking hurt they are so pumped.

    You guys think the Sust kicked in, the winny kicked in, or the new batch of fina is better than the last? Any opinions on this one? On Hammer Strength lateral row I tossed on 2 extra plates for 3 sets of 8, and then upped it another 50lbs for 2 sets of 6. My arms gave out before my back would, actually the tendons did so I backed off to be safe. WTF!

    This is more what I was expecting from doing a cycle. I was fairly disapointed until this evening and that just blew my mind.


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    damn bro,sounds like your kicking some ass.I know your looking for some advice ,but all I can say is tear it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The only thing I can think of is the winny giving you the extra strenght and also Cytomel is supose to enhance the effect of gear so that might have something to do with it. But regardless of what it is you seem to be in a great opportunity with this new found strenght. Rip it up .

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    it just sounds to me like you your cycle is just peaking. the emotional shit is probably the test(sust). but over all, i would say it is a combination of everything doing what its supposed to do.

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    I agree with BK--there's always a point in your cycle where you go WTF just happened! Hit me last night. Beat my Max bench by 20+ lbs and was working out like a madman!

    Clen makes me real tired some times. I feel like I just need to aly down and take a nap. Never had headaches so I can't comment on that.

    Agressive behavior seems to peak at the same time strength does. Some fat f**k in a bar was mouthing off at me last night and I almost took on him and the rest of the bar--and I am a REAL laid back guy when I am not on AS!

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