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Thread: extra test200

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    Question extra test200

    Im am at the end of week of five of a ten week test 400mg/week, eq 400mg/week.

    Using Brovel test-- which as you know are typically underfilled so got an extra one. Now have an extra 6 cc (1200 mg) test.

    Any thoughts about what to do? I was thinking of increasing to 500 mg/test for the last five weeks.

    I want to go from 174 (current weight, about 6 pounds higher than when I started) to 190. I guess the stuff hasn't really kicked in yet.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    it should kick any time,yes i would up it from 400,to finish my gear!

    be safe.good luck with your gain's!

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    might not be too bad to go a few more weeks.

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    like the guys said bro you could bump up the dose or run it longer.
    id run it longer, if its enethate you could run it a wk lonnger then the eq and go on clomid in 10-14 days instead of 21 days out of the cycle

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