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    What is Synthol exactly?

    what is synthol? i have seen some pictures of freaks and everyone keeps saying thats a good example of synthol abuse. what is it and how does it get you so big that is completely grose?

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    it's sterile oil that can be injected into muscle. Stretches the facia and baloons the muscle out.

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    you inject about 50 ccs of oil into you muscles and then you look like a moron.
    take a look at this jerk and see

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    A simple way to describe synthol or site enhancement oils is that they are just the a sterile oil like an oil based steroid (eq, test enanthate , deca etc.) without the actual steroid in it, so if you site inject with a steroid like eq it is the same as synthol but with an anabolic additive.

    The most popular now are Synthol/PumpnPose, Syntherol, EsikClean, Nuclear Nutrition Site Oil and Liquid Muscle.

    Synthol/PumpnPose is the original product. As such, it charges a lot of money and it's the most expensive variant as it relies on it’s name to sell it - the cheapest found is $249.95. There must be a lot of fakes out there since the inventor of it, Chris Clark, charges a wholesale price of $150 per bottle (and that's for large quantity), so there's no way that some outfits can retail it for $100.

    Syntherol is my favorite simply because is the only one that I know of that is made by a real pharmaceutical company, so guaranteed sterile. It's the same formula as Synthol/PumpnPose, with added silica, which is a safe way to make the gains more 'permanent'. Plus, it's cheap - $149.95.

    EsikClean - same formula as Synthol, but it has collagen added. That makes it a very bad choice to use in my opinion. When you use site oils, the biggest problem is the formation of scar tissue. You don't want any scar tissue build up when you use site oils. Scar tissue is collagen buildup due to the trauma caused to the muscle by sticking a needle in there. As such, I would not help the build up of scar tissue in the muscle by injecting collagen. So, that’s a bad choice. I am not sure of the price for this.

    Nuclear Nutrition Oil - is a very good product, which works quite well. It's exactly as Syntherol, plus the addition of a small amount of prohormones. I am not a big fan of prohormones due to the reason that they will give you more side effects than benefits. Also, because of the prohormones, you cannot import it into countries like Canada or Australia, where prohormones are illegal. Still a good product - $149.95

    Liquid Muscle - same as PumpnPose, but at $199.95 per bottle. However, I can't find too much info about it and about who makes it, as it seems as a small outfit and as such I have trouble trusting it 100%, especially when I am supposed to inject their stuff into MY body.

    There's a few other brands, but the above are the most well known. The other brands available, I personally would not trust since they come from very small outfits, so you don't know whether they are sterile or just mixed together in somebody's 'bathtub'.

    Site oils can be used for two purposes - to increase the size of a muscle or to shape a muscle.

    To increase size, let’s use the biceps for example. You need to inject in EVERY head of the muscle, while rotating the shots daily within that head. This is the only way to ensure that the added size keeps to your natural look/shape of the muscle. The quickest way to get a muscle up to maximum size is to do the following regimen: 1ml for 10 days in each head of the muscle. 2ml for 10 days. 3ml for 10 days. If you do both, the biceps and triceps simultaneously, you can add up to 3” on your arms in those 30 days.
    Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT!!!: you HAVE to massage the area that you just injected SEVERELLY! You have to make sure that there’s no lump forming. The muscle should always be soft. You should NEVER have a lump. It is also a good idea, to inject just before going to the gym, so as soon as you get to the gym, you should do a couple light weight, high reps sets for that muscle, to get the blood moving. This again will minimize lump formation. You have to keep in mind, that as soon as lumps form because you did not massage, scar tissue will form as well. You want to avoid scar tissue at all costs. Also, to minimize scar tissue build up, use VERY small needles, like 26g and inject VERY slowly. If you find that you cannot keep with the lump build up, but you are due for another shot, wait until, by massaging, the lump goes away (it should not be more than a couple of days) and then resume from where you left off.

    If you have all the size you wish and just want to shape the muscle, as adding a peak on the biceps, then inject the spot, in the peak of the muscle, with 1ml every day or every second day until you obtain the peak that you desire.

    What I recommend to people that are just starting out using these oils is to use 1ml per head of muscle per day, or every second day, for a week or so and see how they react to it. That way they can judge how many ml they can use per muscle head and how often.

    Where to inject - BICEPS - inner and outer head. You can feel the ‘split’ in between the two heads of the biceps when you feel with your other hand. Inject on each side of that. If you want to increase the length/thickness of the biceps, inject more in the inner head (closer to your body). If you want to increase the peak, inject more in the outer head.

    TRICEPS - You don’t need to inject in the outer/horseshoe head, unless it is really lacking behind. You inject in the middle and rear heads of the triceps. Generally, at the back of your arm, the upper portion is the rear head and the lower portion is the middle head, as the two heads overlap each other somewhat.

    DELTOIDS - just inject straight into whatever head is lacking in size.

    CALVES - Natural calves, no matter how big they are, have a ‘flat’ look to the muscle. So you want to keep that look, you don’t want to have your calves looking round like someone stuck an air hose in there. So, you inject in multiple shots, on the outside edges of the muscle. That will make the calf go outwards, while keeping the flat, natural look.

    QUADS - With muscles this large, you need to do multiple daily injections. Where in the biceps you use 1ml per head per day to begin with, on quads you need to start with 1ml per site, 7 sites per quad. That is to avoid the ‘lumpy’ look and keep the quad uniform. Again, to keep the natural look of the thigh, you should inject in the ‘peak’ of the outer quad, injecting along the crest. If the teardrop is lacking, then just inject straight into it, rotating sites daily. I personally don’t recommend quad shots, especially teardrop, due to the very high amount of nerves in the area.

    I strongly recommend that you get some anatomy charts and study the muscles and the nerves that are in the area that you want to inject.

    How do Site Oils work? To begin with, they do not stay in the muscle for 3 to 5 years. They get dissipated within months. However, during this time, they have stretched the fascia of that muscle. The fascia is a great constrictive factor in muscle growth. The more stretched the fascia is the more the muscle will grow and the more it will have that ‘popping’ look. Site oils stay in there long enough for the fascia to stretch. As they dissipate, the ‘space’ left by them is replaced with new muscle tissue growth. That is the reason why when x-rays where performed on some of the people that have 25”+ arms, there was no oil found in there. The oil dissipated and it was replaced by real muscle.
    The principle is the same as the one behind site shots with steroids , but it works at a much a larger degree, because the Site Oils take that much longer to dissipate.

    Pain - obviously, any site shot hurts. The pain will minimize the more you inject, until it will not hurt any more. Site Oils hurt, but not as much as site injections with, lets say, Sustanon . However, as I said, they will hurt less and less the more you use them. I currently put all my Sustanon in my biceps and I get no pain what so ever because the biceps are used with having stuff injected in them.

    Dangers - Site Oils are safe, if certain precautions are taken, same as when injecting anything else. You always have to aspirate . Always! You DO NOT want the oil to go in a vein. Always massage the area after the shot so scar tissue build up doesn’t occur. And most importantly - USE COMMON SENSE! If you have 16” arms, don’t think that you will have 23” in 5 weeks! Because if you try that, you will end up with deformed looking muscles and you will be the laughing stock of the world, like Greg Valentino. Site Oils are there to help you break past a plateau. If your genetics indicate that you are 242 with 5% bf, but you only have 18” arms, then Site Oils will help you bring your arms in proportion. All that I am saying is that Site Oils are there to aid the work that you do in the gym, not replace it!"

    Hope this helps bro

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    good post bro. very informative and not for me! lol

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