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    creatine during a cycle?

    this might need to be in the supplement section but it has to do with cycles so here goes. i remember seeing an old post about not using creatine while on a cycle and was wondering if anybody could shed some light on the subject. i have talked to some people who are all for it and some where against it. what would be wrong with staying on it if i'm already on it.

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    I would save it for post cycle.

    It's going to add more water weight to the bloat your already going to have from the gear.
    I would save it for post cycle to aid in kepping gains.

    Just make sure your glutamine is up during and post cycle, with the proper diet, training, and supplemental protectants, gains from the gear should be optimal without creatine.

    The only time I could see using creatine during cycle, would be for the water retension to aid in sore joints from a EQ/winny stack.

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    Pheedno is right on the $ Ive experimented using and not while on and those are the results that Ive gotten. When I start clomid Istart creatine again. It helps me a lot unlike most people.

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    Depends on what drugs you are using. If you are taking Anavar then it should be included in your cycle.

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