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Thread: Weight gaining

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    Weight gaining

    Hey i was wondering if anyone could tell me how much protien carbs and calories i should be getting a day to gain ten to fifteen pounds in the next 4 weeks currently im taking 500mgs of test depot and have been on it for about 4 and a half weeks. Im 5'9 and 184 pounds and it seems even with me eating 5 to six times a day i cant get over that. I am not too sure about how much carbs and calories i get but i know i get in around 180-200 grams of protien a day and i also drink about 3/4-1 gallon of water a day. Can somebody tell me how much more i should eat

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    Bro, I forget the exact amount of protien you should be taking, and I am sure someone else will jump in, but I believe you should double that! Take protien shakes spread throughout the day. And the number of meals is important, but more important is the number of calories in each meal! try to get to 4000 calories/day, and about 300-400 grams of protien. (think its like 2gram of protien per pound) This is some helpfull advice, but others here know a loot more about this than me. unfortunately diet is not my strongest point of knowledge!

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