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    Worried about Job.

    I am going to start my first cycle of test/deca /winny on 9/2. A few days ago I was offered a job at Dell. Now my problem is this, I have no idea if they test for steroids or not. I want to accept this job but I think I might have to withdraw from the offer if they test. After doing a search I came up with no results. If someone could help me out it would make this a whole lot easier. Thank

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    99% of job tests do not include tests for steroids b/c it is too expensive. I cannot guarantee b/c I do not know dell's policy but if I were going in for the test on a cycle I would not have any worries about failing.

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    I don't think that they test for steroids . Whatever you do, don't go in there asking about that--not even someone you trust who works at Dell, 'cause the two of you might be up for the same promotion one day and..."Oops, I thought he was my friend." You get the picture.

    No matter how innocently you ask, "do you test for steroids too??" you will look guilty as sin.

    Good luck.

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    Call in anonymously and ask what drugs they test for. It should work, if they ask why are you asking , say you did some drugs when you were young and you wanna know what they test for. say anything, wont hurt to try. do it from a payphone.

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    You should be in the clear. Most places don't test for anything but the big 5. Testing for things such as steriods would be costly. Good luck

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