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    Exclamation Still around guys...didn't dissapear..

    Hey everyone, its been awhile since I've made a post, because I've been really busy in school and trying to make some cash with my internet business...Anyways, I've still been hitting the weights hard, and my strength has mostly maintained since my cycle....I have broken out on my face, and been using Retin-A and something else also...don't remember the name.....Anyways, only thing strength has gone down on was flat bench really...Everything else has been good...I've been keeping calories high, and tons of protien...Holding plenty fat, so I am going to begin a CLEANER diet as of tomorrow ( Monday ). High protien, moderate-high carbs throughout DAY, and cut carbs after 8:00. I will also incorporate cardio 3x/week or so......I am going to start the clen again in 2 weeks or so, once I get back in my solid diet....I am weighing roughly 218-221 lbs right now.....So not too shabby....Just wanted to say whats up to everyone on the boards...and all my bro's who I haven't talked to in a while...( Eradikate, Diesel, AZLifter, Freak of Week, etc )...Tooooo many to list.... thanks again for everything guys..

    I'll be posting more often now......i got some free time finally!

    I'll post some new pics soon too.........for some critique...even though im holdin some sucks.....

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    Hey bro. Thanks for all the info in your diary it was very helpful in building my cycle. I'm doing pretty much the same cycle as you but going with 12 weeks of EQ and 13 of test, with 5 weeks of oral winny at the end. I'm currently in week 5. Keep us posted on your progress, I'd like to see how things go for you post cycle. Good to hear that your gains have stayed for the most part. Good luck with cutting up, are you still taking clen or did you decide to stop?

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