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    Question need advise on my upcoming "double-cycle"

    I finished my first cycle about 4 months ago and Iím getting my gear together for my next ďdouble cycleĒ in about 2 months. Iím 27 years old, 5í9, 195 lbs , about 13%bf. My first cycle went like this:

    Weeks 1-10 test enanthate 400mg
    Weeks 1-9 eq 500mg
    Weeks 7-11 winny 50mg ed
    Clomid weeks 9-12 300/100/50
    I didnít run any anti-estrogen and I gained 17lbs, and I kept most all of it.

    I would like some commments on what Iím planning to do.
    This is a little more hardcore.

    Weeks 1-4 Bl Windrol 2 tabs ed
    Weeks 1-11 test enanthate 500mg/wk
    Weeks 1-10 deca 400mgíwk
    Weeks 1-10 eq 600mg/wk
    Clomid weeks 14-16 300/100/50

    I plan on bridging with primobolan for 8 weeks at 300mg/wk, but Iím not sure if I should do this while I start clomid or right after. Please advise! Also, does that look like a reasonable dosage of the Windrol? Iíve never done a-bombs before and I donít want to overdo it. Iím not sure what kind of anti-estrogen to run. I was thinking about liquidex .5mg ed for weeks 1-10. Please advise!

    After the bridge, Iím planning on the following cutting cycle:

    Weeks 1-8 Test prop 10mg eod
    Weeks 3-8 fina 75mg eod (or maybe weeks 1-8???)
    Weeks 3-8 winny 50mg ed (or maybe weeks 1-8???)
    Clomid weeks 9-11 300/100/50

    Iím not sure about what kind of anti-estrogen to run for this. Please advise. Also, I know Iíll need to run some ALA during both cycles, but Iím not sure for how long. Please advise! I need some guidance, so any feedback would sure help!

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    I think this might be alittle too much for a 2nd cycle. Especially being you wanna use Fina on the second part of the cycle.
    If you wanna use Primo as a bridge then don't start taking clomid at the end of the 1st cyle. The whole purpose of the bridge is too keep something in your system until you start your next part of the cycle.
    You're going to still be shut down anyway so I don't see the purpose of starting clomid until you're done w/ the second part of the cycle.
    Also I don't see why u wanna run Deca and Eq at the same time but then again this method has been debated alot recently.
    I think you should go w/ D-bol. Not a-bombs, for the first 4 weeks @ 30 or 35mgs e/d. I would pick Eq over Deca. Then bridge into the cut cycle but I would cut out the Fina and just run:
    Week 1-6 prop 100mgs e/d or eod
    Week 1-10 Eq 400mgs
    Weeks 8-13 Winny 50mgs e/d
    Run ala for the time you will be on the d-bol and winny.
    You can run liq or armidex all the way thru.

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    I don't think you need to be bridging after a second cycle, give your body time to recover. I agree with MBaraso, drop the Windrol for Dbol . I wouldn't suggest running 2 tabs of Windrol a day, thats 80mg Anadrol and 40mg Winstrol per day. Are your tabs Windrol or Windrol X? If they are the X tabs it won't be as rough on your body to run 2 a day since its only 50mg Anadrol / 20mg Winstrol per day, I still wouldn't suggest them in a 2nd cycle though.

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    i like your idea
    eq and deca like MBaraso said is in debate but from what i've read makes good sense. since expermenting do the deca and eq at doseages listed. test at 500mg is cool but may need to up a little to say 600mg to stay over deca.
    i like dbol better than anadrol . less sides and easier on body. i dont know how progestrone effects you but deca and anadrol will produce a lot of it--then going to the fina---these are the three drugs with progestrone sides,i cant do any of them.i would do 1 tab per day if going to do it.
    the cut cycle looks good except i think you meant to write 100mg per day prop
    for the bridge the primo is going to shut you down,but i see the thinking of clomid to kick system then primo---dont know how well it will work but i'd probably do same thing
    if going to bridge i would consider dbol so system will recover. you want system to recover so cut cycle will work better. dbol am only at 10-15mg per day works---i've done it and loved it
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    what do you guys think of the bridging part? If I don't bridge, should I run everything straight through for 18 weeks and maybe use 100-200mg/wk Primo after that? Also, shouldn't liquidex help keep bloat down for the test, deca , and a-bombs or d-bol if I use that instead? And lastly, would femara be a good idea for the progesterone sides, and can I use femara and liquidex together? Thanks so much for your advise.

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