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    Fina - your experiences??

    just how good is fina? is it the best mass gaining AS? is it the best cutting AS?

    what sides did you see from it?

    how often do you use it?

    how much did you gain while using fina?

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    Hey bro fina is more for cutting then bulking. U will see lean hard gains from it. Also strength will go threw the roof.

    Sides u might expect...Acne, aggression, tight prostate, increased heart rate and blood preasure.

    Fina is best injected ed.


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    I havent seen any sides yet, but everyone is different.

    I inject everyday, 75mg.

    Hey you can do a search too. Bottom right of the screen

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    doing 75mg ed for a week now, ive become really agressive/short, definately more than usual, id say about 3x worse...also begining to see acne increase along with appetite and a little strength/endurance which would contradict my restricted calories, strange stuff...neverthless i like it so far...hope that helps...but already OG as always gave you most of the info you need, good luck

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    I ran 100mgs ED and i had way to many sides, once i reduced to 75mgs ED i was in heaven.

    The sides i ran into was, a tight prostrate(i cant spell), Anger and useless sleep. I would wake up every 2 hours.

    Once i lowered my dosage, upped my water and crandberry extract and kept an eye on my diet, i had great results from fina. I cut alot of Body fat and really did harden up a bit.

    I still have a ways to go, but every time i do a cycle i notice a good drop in fat and i just plain look better.

    Fina is forgiving on your diet, but really try to eat clean and you will notice better results.

    Injection is the way to go, You will get used to the sticks quickly with ED injections which is no big deal believe it or not =)

    If you look over a few of my posts you will see i am a hardcore fan of fina.

    If you need any info on conversion drop me a PM. That goes for everyone

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    I saw an increase in aggression, especially when working out. (but that's not a bad thing) Shortness of breath, increased heart rate, loss of sleep. The fina cough is brutal. I always knew when it was coming, if I aspirated and saw red. Best thing is to get that needle out before you start coughin' cause you won't stop for about 5 minutes. Once I thought I was gonna pass out. I was also on 1000mg of cyp and 600mg of Deca a week so I gained 30 pounds and kept about 20. Fina is the best thing I've found, all sides aside. I've been doin AS since I was 18, 15 years ago.

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    Quick Question: Should I run Fina for only 6 wks or up it to 8 wks considering the kidney toxicity issue. I'm in my second week presently. Along with prop 100mg Eod for 8 wks, but I may up that to 10 wks... Should I up the fina to 8 wks and possibly even the prop.... I have my clomid ready for the post cycle...

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    Just finished 100mg ed for 7 weeks, nice results, lost a lot of fat and got cut up. Seeing some nice vascularity. Stength went up but not a ton. I had stacked it with Test/deca , so it was hard to tell what was doing what. Arms are now 16.5 inches, I'm 200lbs even. Sides were not too bad, but I'm glad the ed injections are done. I id miss some sleep, and had night sweats. Felt kinda wierd for about two weeks, and got fina cough three times. I will do fina again
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