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Thread: injury and gear

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    injury and gear

    nov 18th i broke my hand in several places. the cast was taken off on dec 17th. hopefully in about 2 or 3 weeks i'll be back in the gym. my ? is should i start taking a.s acouple of weeks before my return to the gym or wait. thanks..........billy 1-4 75mgs anadrol ed, 1-10 400mgs deca 2xaweek, 1-10 400mgs t400 2xaweek, 8-12 50mgs winny ed, clomid

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    I would recommend to get in the gym first..for several reasons, one being that what if your hand is not ready to handle those weights, second, get back in the groove of things first, get your strength back naturally...and then start your cycle some time later down the road. It's difficult to say when, the important thing here is to let your hand get used to handling that weight again.

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