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    Taking A Poll On As Cycles

    Please give ONLY one answer to my poll question! This will give me and others the answer we are looking for. Many of you guys have been around the block so here goes.
    If you could choose only between an EQ cycle only or a TEST ENANTHATE cycle only which would you choose and why.
    Please don't answer both would be better because we already know that. And please stick to only the two steroids I mentioned.

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    Both would be better.

    I would say it depends on your body type. I myself would do the test only cycle before I would do the EQ only cycle.

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    For who?!?

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    You have to tell us your goals or we can't answer the question.

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    From a long time ago in a
    Need more info!!

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    Hers my goal

    Ive taken three cycles previously of test and eq. Money has been tight so I'm limited to using only one at the present time.
    My goals are to get more muscle mass on my body with vascularity. The muscle doesnt have to come on exceedingly fast but I dont want to wait a year before seeing results.
    The most important thing to me is being able to maintain the gains once my cycle ends. I want more size with some vascualrity. I'm not looking to get ripped to the bone just yet but on the other hand I'm not wanting to bulk up and add bodyfat. Its my understanding vascularity has more to do with diet than which steroid one uses. Right?
    I also have some joint problems. Bit I like an increased libido while on as well. Its a tough decision. I'm not real sure there would be that much differnce between test and eq in the long term as far as health issues and muscle gains but I may be wrong! Thats why I'm asking which one you would use personally if it were you and why???
    I also realize the answer I'm looking for may have to be a learned one from experience but it never hurts to ask experts in the field like many of you guys are! THANKS MR.BICEPS

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