I am currently 5'11", 240, everything is solid except my stomach. I will start with Cardio, 5 mornings a week, weights 3 times a week at night, and watch my diet. After about a month of that I would think my stomach should start to lose fat and get smaller. I want to do a fina/prop/winny cycle about a month into my training and diet routine. I really, really dont want to lose weight, just lose the fat and gain some definition. I have used that cycle before and had great results. This girlfriend of mine likes to go out and eat and I have to say I do to... that will stop. Does this sound like a plan? Any suggestions on doing what I want to do?

1-6 prop. 50mg/ed
1-6 fina. 75mg/ed
2-6 winny 50mg/ed

I've never had a problem with fina induced gyno but I have my bromo from last time that I never needed to use just incase. I also have enough nolvadex for a small army so maybe I should throw in a half a tab a day to scare away the chance of gyno from the prop.

Thanks -H