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    My first cycle is done please advise.

    Ok guys I am wrapping up my virgin cycle and am thinking ahead for the next one. I will take 8 weeks off and hit it again in April. Last time I was on Deca only but gained 15 pounds.

    This time- I want to get even bigger so I was hoping someone could suggest a good second cycle. I am obviously not into bodybuilding or anything like that so I am looking for the least side effects. ie I'd rather not be as big than have acne all over my back. Anyway- advice is appreciated for best gains/least side effects. thanks guys.

    ps I am now 6'2" 198 lbs. not much body fat at all.

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    i would go with 8 weeks test prop 50mg ED/tren 75mg ED/Winny 50mg ED. Should get good quality gains with little water retention. This is probably going to be my next summer cycle. Clomid and Nolva on hand of course.

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