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    Question d-bol and cardio??Pls help

    I am planning on taking 25-50 mg of d'bol. I am wondering if doing cardio will mess anything up?? mess up my gains?? mess up my heart ect. I plan on running track for my college. Thanks guys

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    why are you taking dbol if your running track? It will cause water retnetion making you heavier and slower.


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    Ya um winstrol would probably be the way to go if you are running competitively. However to answer your question, I will be doing a cycle starting sometime next month and using dbol for a few weeks. I will keep up the roadwork in my workout routine.

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    D-bol is quite effective as an anti-catabolic agent while bridging. Doing a 10mg bridge in the AM could be beneficial while doing morning cardio in order to avoid catabolism and help spare muscle mass.

    But it sounds like you're planning on doing a cycle, not a bridge. I always recommend cardio while on AAS in order to help spare muscle mass while losing fat.

    Be aware that d-bol will bloat you up and make you heavier, (hence, slower), like disposable hero said above. It's not the recommended drug of choice for runners, and I'd surely not recommend that you take it by itself.

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    dude i had a friend who tried to keep up a running regimen on a dbol /test cycle. i remember a week in he could only run 1/2 a mile because the lower back pumps fucking crippled him! i remember him telling me he was in severe pain for hours and that's all he could run. dbol and running just doesn't work

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