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    just had chest lipo, how long until i should start fina??

    I just had chest lipo because my chest has always been fat. i think it is gyno from early teens. it didnt get all the fat i wanted off, so i am going to do a fina **winny cycle. how long do you guys think i should wait? doc says i should wait 2 weeks to work out. should i wait a while?? i defently dont want to get gyno, so that is why i am taking winny. im going to make the fina, i was going to rub in with dmso, but decieded aganst that. i gunna run both for 6 weeks. should that work pretty good? oh, yea i am also going to take some dnp . should i take that after or b4 my fina/winny? i wana get frickin shreded. ive done my research dont worry.... just wanted yalls opinions.

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    my doctor said to wait to run or do any cardio for 2 weeks, and then be lifting at around 4. i felt fine at about 3 weeks and started lifting light. the thing that you need to worry about is swelling and healing. depending on how your body heals and how much swelling has gone down, you could start lifting at anywhere from 2-3 weeks. if you are going to start a cycle, i would wait probably 4- 6 weeks to start it. that will give you a little time to get back in the gym and going at full intensity, and gain some strength back.

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    I URGE you not to do DNP . PM me for what happenned to an informed on the subject friend that tried it, and all went to hell.

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