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    clen and winny??

    im now on 5th wk of sust,deca stack. dbol for 1st 4wks. ive gained a little fat in my belly.i was planning on wk 8-13 adding in clen and winny.should i wait till after my 10 wks of sust and deca and start clen winny on wk 11.
    take on wk 8-13 or wait till wks 11?
    and if i wait till wk 11 when should i start clomid?
    i will be taking the clen 2wk on 2wks off(eca in off wks)

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    The way you planned it is perfect... Run your Clen /Winny starting on week 8 and then after week 13 you can hop right on your clomid while still running your clen 2 weeks on 2 weeks off...

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