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    Why NOT to run T3

    Hey bros, i got this post off of Animal's forum posted by Animal himself. Good info on why NOT to run T3.


    Now you see another reason why people are told to NOT take t3 with H or anything else. It increases SHBG! That being said, this little diddy also explains why somebody like me with low T levels and hypothyroid puts on muscle and/or retains it so well. BECAUSE MY SHBG IS LIKELY ALMOST ZERO!

    Opposite effects of thyroid hormones on binding <a href="" target="_blank">protein</a>s for steroid hormones (sex hormone binding globulin and
    corticosteroid binding globulin) in humans [published erratum appears in Eur J Endocrinol 1995 Sep;133(3):381
    Dumoulin SC; Perret BP; Bennet AP; Caron PJ
    Department of Endocrinology' CHU Rangueil' Toulouse' France.

    Eur J Endocrinol, 132(5):594 8 1995 May
    Sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and corticosteroid binding globulin (CBG) levels were evaluated in euthyroid
    (N = 111)' hyper (N = 58) and hypothyroid (N = 38) men' in pre and postmenopausal women (study 1) and in
    hyper (N = 24) and hypothyroid (N = 15) patients before and after treatment with carbimazole or levothyroxine
    therapy (study 2). The SHBG levels are increased in hyper and decreased in hypothyroid patients' whereas CBG
    levels are increased in hypo and decreased in hyperthyroid patients. The SHBG levels are higher in women than in
    men with similar thyroid status. Plasma SHBG levels are correlated positively whereas CBG levels are correlated
    negatively with free thyroid hormone concentrations in men as well as women. In hypothyroid patients' SHBG
    concentrations increased (p < 0.01) and CBG concentrations decreased (p < 0.01) during levothyroxine treatment. In
    hyperthyroid patients' SHBG concentrations decreased (p < 0.01) and CBG concentrations increased (p < 0.01)

    during antithyroid treatment. The SHBG and CBG concentrations in treated hypo and hyperthyroid patients were not
    significantly different from those of euthyroid controls. Our data indicate that SHBG and CBG levels depend on thyroid
    status. Corticosteroid binding globulin is an index of thyroid hormone action at the liver level whose changes are
    opposite to those of SHBG in hyper and hypothyroidism.
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    Wow. OG..Always dropping knowledge. If you screw up your thyroid you will be on meds until the day you die...

    Instead of T3- Try cardio !!!!

    Kudos OG !!!

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    i agree, i tied t3 once and i just dont see any advantage to it.

    i suggest a good eca stack, tons of cardio and a good diet.

    we cant get away from these rules. Believe me i have tried hehe

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    There are a ton of different opinions on T3...

    Personally I like the stuff expect for the fact that sleeping on Clen /T3 was next to impossible for me, but I will say it was effective for burning bodyfat... Much more effective then just ECA and cardio...

    I only ran it for about 3 weeks and dropped about 4% BF in that time and my diet wasn't perfect... Only felt a slight lag for about a week to 10 days after coming off of it which wasn't bad at all...

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    I like T3, I ran it 6 weeks and dropped 5% BF also my diet wasn't as on point as it usually is. I haven't noticed any rebound effects either. But I did keep up the cardio.


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    T-3 has a beneficial effect for me but not the extent you guys are talking. I dropped down about 2-3% and 3 would be max.

    I find that my appetite actually increases when I'm in my decreasing period. And I have no period of lagging. Sleeping is an eye opening sweat bed. I have to have the AC on 50 for comfort.

    I enjoyed it but didn't feel it worked for me as strong as most. Maybe depends on the brand.

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    Im not touchin it bros

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