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    I'm a pitcher so what would be best to take to increase speed on my fastball and try to keep the velocity?

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    Hey bro, i used to be a pitcher in highschool. I could get it up to about 80mph with a nasty hook and i had a nice little slider too

    Are you asking what AS would help you get velocity on your fastball? I don't think you would really want to bulk up to add velocity, that may actually be counterproductive. Look at guys like pedro, basically all the dominican pitchers who are 160lbs soaking wet but can get it up there at 97mph.

    If i were to reccomend an AS, maybe anvar? It helps with strength, but won't get you too big. The main thing is leg strength, thats where you get your power. You don't want to push off the rubber, but you get most of your velocity from your lower body, not upper.

    So i guess my reccomendation would be anvar, and hit the legs hard, heavy squats!!

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    first off how old are you....are you in college or high school, and how hard do you throw....i play at a university now, and last year basically my whole juco team was on juice...we had pitchers gain up to 4mphs off of winstrol only cycles....they were taking zambons at 50mgs eod....while on the juice you should long toss three or four times a week, do your cords twice a day, lift mainly lower body (lots of squats), and run hills....that is a recipe for sucess....if you only throw like 80 i wouldn't reccomend you get on them...because the most it could probly bump you up is to 84 which is still fairly slow....but if you throw in the upper eighties or low nineties i would say that go for it....i know alot of guys on here will not reccomend a winstrol only cycle at 50mgs eod because it is not alot, but for a ball player it will do wonders

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