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    Juice and tats....

    Hi all,
    I hope this isn't completely the wrong forum for this, but I'm not sure where else to put this.

    I've finally got my tat designed and I'm dying to get it done. It's going on my shoulder. I'm about to start a cycle soon also and expect to put on some weight. I know I'll probably lose *some* gains after cycle. For those of you who have tats, do you think I should wait until after cycle to get it, get it before, or it doesn't matter either way?


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    If you're worried about stretching it because you're adding mass then dont worry about it, go for it now. the only tattoo that stretched on me is a tribal half band design that went around part of my bicep, now it barely even wraps around so i need to get it completed, but all others(shoulder, calf) have stayed in nice shape.

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    you're fine go for it!

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    I have the same delima, i decided to get my tatto after my next cycle wich starts in a week, the reason being is... What if a strech mark hits that tatto it can blur it seen it on a few friends.

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    Bro no worries, I have my full sleeves, chest and half my back done. Your Tatties will grow and shrink with you. I was about 175 when I started my work and now Im like 228 and no probs. Even if you loose all your gains your skin will return to normal. I guess in theory you could get stretch marks where your tattoo is, but screw it, the ink should cover the stretch marks good, besides it would be way easier to tattoo on smooth skin then over stretch marks.. Good Luck with the tatty!

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