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Thread: need d-bol help

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    need d-bol help

    i know the effects won't be as great but i am going to try a d-bol cycle

    i bought a bottle in liquid form, on the front of the box it says 10ml and the rest of the box is in spanish,what i need to know is do i inject it everyday or twice a week

    does 25mg = 1ml? if yes that means i fill the needle to the 1 line?

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    partyboynyc is offline Anabolic Member
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    bro what are you doing?

    start doing some leg work on the search button bro.that's 10 days worth.a 10 day cycle!!!umm 10days 0f dbol ??take that shit and stash it away until you learn more.

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    Party is right, sounds like you have a 10ml 25mg bottle Roferit B. If you are wanting to take 50mg per day of dbol which is a standard average, it will last you 5 days. 5 days of dbol aint' gonna do squat for you. Average dose of Dbol is anywhere from 35-50mg a day for 4 weeks.
    Bro sounds like to me you need to do some research before you hurt yourself friend. (no flame) but stick around a bit, and for goodness sakes use that search button... LOL..

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