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    Help I think I am ADDICTED!!!!!

    Hello this is my 3rd post (I think) and I think that I have a problem. I find my self always running to the computer every free minute I have just to find out something I did not know and then keep following it up.

    This site has helped me out so much in such a short time (about 4 months just looking around and about 1 month as a member). There is so much information just on this sight alone there is really no reason for me to look any were else. I would assume that there are sights out there with just as much info as AR but, I bet that you would not find people that are so willing to give HELPFULL information as I have found on here. So I will be staying right here for a long time!!!

    Since my first cycle of Testosterona 200 (2 shots every week for 10 weeks) I have learned so much. I had awesome gains from this cycle don't get me wrong (I started at 6'4 250 pounds and bye the 7th week I was at 272) but I had no clue how to keep them after. I did not eat well at all and did no type of cardio.

    Now after much research and about 6 months I am very excited on the start of my second cycle (Sustanon 250 - 1 shot every Monday and Thursday (500mg/week (2 shots)). I will run this for 10 weeks and 2.5 weeks after I will run clomid for 10 days. I am going to start this as soon as I shed a few more pounds.

    I have just recently fond out about fast (whey) and slow (casein) acting protein. Whey isolate in the morning and after workout and Casein through out the day and before bed with some Peanut Butter.

    But all I need is a little help form you guys out there.

    With my:

    Protein shakes
    Animal cuts
    30 min 5 times a week of low impact cardio (jogging)
    Watching what I eat

    Is there any advise that you guys could give me on anything that you see??

    One more thing what is the best Casein protein and where can I get it??

    Thanks for the help!!!!

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    Personally I'd do the following:

    Split the sust into 3 shots (rather than 2) to take advantage of the Prop in it. Do injects on M/W/F.

    Add more... Deca /Fina/Eq to stack with the Sust. (If you're running this as a cutter I'd use the EQ)

    As another note I'd also add .5mg ED of liquidex to keep down bloat and reduce chances of Gyno.

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