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    Question Once again, help with a cycle

    Hello all

    I'm looking at somethin like this

    500 mg Test Enth wk 1-10
    200 mg EQ wk 1-10
    30 mg d-bol ED wk 1-4
    50 mg winny tabs ed wk 8-12

    Clomid Therapy at the end

    I figure extending the cycle 2 extra weeks only on winny will help save my liver some bashing by giving it a 4 wk break between the d-bol and the winny.

    My questions are, Im only taking 200 mg of EQ because Im low on cash. Would I be better waiting till I had some more money to bump it up to 400 mg?? Also, I'm leaning towards taking Proviron the entire cycle as my anti-e simply to make sure that I dont have an estrogen "rebound" when I finish my cycle...good idea or should I just stick to Nolva when symptoms arise? I figure if I only get Nolva as needed, I can buy twice as much EQ, but I REALLY wanna curb aromitization effects during the ENTIRE cycle, hence the proviron. Last question is, when should I start Clomid Therapy if Im only taking Winny the last 2 weeks??? And how much should I be using??

    Any general comments on the cycle would be appreciated as well!

    23 years old
    189 lbs
    12% BF

    Thanks in avdance all!
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    Is this a first? If it is , drop the dbol and winny, get some more EQ and run the Test at 500 and the EQ at 400. If using Enan, then extend it a week longer than the EQ

    If not your first, forget the dbol. If you want a jump start, i'd use Test Prop at 75mg ED for wks1-4
    wk1-11 500mg Enan
    wk1-10 400mg EQ
    wk8-13 50mg Winny ED
    clomid starts 2 days after last winny dose
    I use Nolva and would recomment that at 10mg ED throughout the cycle or .5mg A-dex/L-dex

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    IF its your first cycle, plain test is plenty.

    Other wise, get another bottle of EQ and it looks good. I like to run short acting drugs out past the long ones. That way you can start recovery immediately instead of dickin around for 2wks waiting on enanthate to clear

    Proviron is an ok drug, never impressed myself. IF the choice is between that extra bottle of EQ and Prov, definately get the EQ. The added EQ isnt going to raide the amount of estrogen you will get by much. Just run 10mg Nolva throughout your whole cycle, its good for ya anyways on the lipid profiles.

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