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    how long can i run winny?

    hey to all. i am going to run winny at the end of my test/eq cycle for 6weeks but was just doing some figuring and i have enough winny to run it for a longer period of time. i have enough to run it at 50mg/ed for 50 days. i know most usually run it for about 6 weeks but do you think it would be ok to run it for a little over 7. it would be exactly 53days. i know it is pretty toxic on the liver so that is why i am asking. i have done winny once before and this is my 2nd cycle ever. i plan on running some milk thistle with it also at 1000mg/ed. so what do ya think, stick with 6 and have some left over or go for it and run it all? thanks.

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    maybe just get your bloodwork done around your 4th week of winstrol to check up on your liver. I say go for it if everything is in order.
    Good luck, i dont think it'll even matter though.

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    I would not run winny longer than 8-9 weeks at 50mg ED, and thats pushing it IMHO....6-7 weeks is optimal.

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    thats ok, I ran winny for 8 weeks last year without any problem, take vit b complex, milk thistle and that liver strong product to protect your liver. IMO winny is not that harmful to your liver as d-bol or anadrol .

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