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Thread: Is this normal?

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    not too far from you

    Is this normal?

    I just started my cycle this week, 3 shots into it, and i f*cking love it. I can't wait for the next shot. When i get up in the morning and i feel this slight soreness, i get a good smile on my face. Is this normal? OK, lets just say I'm excited to cross to the "dark" side and give this a try.

    How did you guys feel the first time?

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    i seem to get more excited now than i was when i began.

    your psyche and attitude towards lifting will change drastically to where it carries over into other aspects of your life not lifting related.

    when on cycle i am a happier person, i see great gains in the gym, and am never sore (save injections.)

    the intensity and desire to achieve your goals will help make you a stronger person in other areas of your life as well.

    when i did my first cycle i was a mild smoker, but kicked the habit when i realized that it wouldn't be beneficial to my training. because i had quit literally 3 dozen times before without succeeding, juice actually made it happen because it was a good enough reason not to smoke, and never smoke again.

    i digress, but yes, you should have the proverbial twinkle in your eye and spring in your step that the masses don't. enjoy your first cycle bro and good luck.

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    Not sure - move a lot.
    I had this as well in the beginning of my first cycle (sust/Deca 12 weeks)... and all throughout it was amazing - however I think I kinda digressed from what others typically experience.

    I ran into gyno, a divorce, a lawsuit and a few other minor troubles.... so needless to say I'm not sure I was all that 'sparkly' during my cycle.

    That and for some reason, near the end, I was REALLY ready to be able to wake up one morning and NOT have to inject myself....

    My next cycle should be a doozy - ED injections.... hehe

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    Sounds normal to me!

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    before my first shot i was nervous....but after i realized it's not so bad, i started to enjoy it

    i can honestly say that now that i look forward to it, and i love the feeling that it brings

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    When I started this cycle (my first) I remember after filling the syringe and getting ready to poke myself thinking "What the f**k am I doing". I did all the research, asked question, and I knew that I wanted to do the cycle. But mentally having to stick myself the first time was hard but now it's cake and I look forward to every shot because I know as every week goes buy I get bigger, stronger, and just feel great overall.

    Good luck on your cycle!

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