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    Cool novice cycle (Nolva & HCG)

    One question,

    after 2 years of training I'm giong to use testo and winstrol for once. A learned that one should use substances in order to get to your normal testo level back (that the brain restores the signal). I already bought Nolvadex and can get hold of HCG .

    Can anybody tell me how to use them both in which amouts and when and for how long?

    Thanks already,


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    all you will need from a mild cycle like this is the nolva on hand for post cycle unless you run clomid.

    HCG is only really necessary when you are on a prolonged cycle and are running several compounds that shut you down hard.

    just take the nolva like this:

    day 1 - 80mg
    day 2-10 40mg
    day 11-21 20mg

    listen to your body because a mild cycle like this may only require 2 weeks of post and not a full 3 as winstrol doesn't aromatize in the first place.

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