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    Product Authenticity Check for Newly Acquired Gear

    Authenticity Check for Newly Acquired Gear

    The products acquired are supposed to be schering test cyp and Fort Dodge EQ.

    First, the EQ: It came in a white and yellow box. It is marked 50mg ml/50ml

    It says undecilinato De Boldenona
    Lot No. TL0205195

    Now what is supposed to be Schering test cyp:

    It came out of the "package" in the amps. The writing on the amps is blue. It says:

    Primoteston_ Depo
    The lot number is 1202105
    exp 12/07

    I don't have it with me so that is all I can describe for now. I don't think there is too much else info though.

    Please let me know if you can confirm if these are legit or not. Thanks very much.


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    I think there are pictures of both in the Steroid pictures section.

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