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    22 1.5 g into the delt

    I dont wanna bump up an old thread just to have you guys re read it all and then get down to my question all over again. I got my gear of Sustanon organon. Trying to open the damn thing made me frustrated. Didnt wanna shatter my first amp. Anyway, I have the 22 and 23 gg 1.5 needles. I know you should go with a 1.0 length for delts. What are your suggestions for using the 1.5. Just go in 2/3s of the way?
    Another thing: I am going to inject Wed around 5pm and then I am going to the river Thursday around 5pm for the weekend. How will I be after my injection of Susta? I need to be able to move my shoulder to swim. That is a definite. Should I wait or just get on with it?

    Plus: Is it the Sust that I hear causes the pain or is it the needle in the muscle?
    What is it about Sust that causes the pain? Is it the oil or what? I hear no bad things about cyp. Does the body get used to it after awhile or do you just have to bear it everytime

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    Fill out your profile, and people might be more interested in answering your question. For example, how old are you? By the way, you answered your own question.

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    I use a 23 1,5 all the way in all muscles. Fill out your profile.

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    I like 25 1" for everywhere but the glutes.

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