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Thread: Anavar from Geneza, dosage question

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    Anavar from Geneza, dosage question

    Is the anavar from Geneza via napsgear 100% legitimate? It's the only brand they are offering right now.

    I need to know how to dose this. According to the guys at Enhanced Athlete (youtube video), the dosage for anavar varies greatly. They were saying not to use more than 30mg daily if you're got great legitimate pharmaceutical stuff. But UGL, they are saying to up the dosage greatly. I don't want to up the dosage greatly if the stuff from Geneza is really pure. Can anyone give me dosage recommendations? Anyone know if it's just as pure/good as getting it from the pharmacy would be?

    Thanks. (dosages for a male)

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    IMOP I wouldn't run less than 70mgs a day.
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    I'm with songdog, as usual. Anything under 60mgs is not going to live up to full potential. Will 30mgs work? Absolutely. But the results will be subpar to expectations. I know many well built men who use 50mgs daily along with a myriad of other compounds. But they just load up for the sake of it. 60mgs will be ok, but I'd go a bit higher if you can. You'll get so much more out of it.

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    false_shuffle is online now New Member
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    Thanks guys. Damn, those numbers you gave me are really aggressive compared to what I've seen elsewhere. Thanks for the input.

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