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Thread: Hamstring Injections?

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    tommybahama is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2017

    Hamstring Injections?

    I've never tried the hammy before. I read the sciatic nerve runs from the inner glute down to the outer sweet of the hammy. Seems like the inner hammy is a tough spot to pin alone

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    almostgone's Avatar
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    the lower carolina
    I wouldn't pin even attempt to pin hamstrings?
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    tommybahama is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2017
    I would need 2 mirrors and 2 chairs. I should probably just use my delt but I wanna know how hammys feel

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    goalinmind's Avatar
    goalinmind is offline Associate Member
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    May 2017
    Hamstring injections? Sounds more painful than it needs to be'
    Stick to what you know, delts, glutes, quads if you're into that. Some people like chest as well but it isn't for me...
    Injecting into the hamstring is kind of the first time I'm hearing this as an option but I personally wouldn't advise it since the hamstring is different than quad or glute injection...

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    Aug 2010
    Whoa, try it and let us know.
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    I'm one of the few that actually loves to push a needle into a muscle, even quads, but you couldn't pay me to stick a hamstring!

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    songdog's Avatar
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    Jun 2009
    Bro you got to quit listening to friends or who ever is giving you this crap.
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    Just no. Hell no.
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    tommybahama is offline Junior Member
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    Jul 2017
    You guys are right. Scared me off from the hammy pin from hell.

    I just did my first bicep pin and it was smooth and painless. Did 3/4" straight down inner bicep

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    If it hurts like hell on my glute, i hardly doubt ill ever try it on my hammy lol jeeezz xD the pain is real

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