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Thread: T3 Questions

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    T3 Questions

    I have been searching the board for awhile and cannot find all the questions i have for T3. First off, I am 5'8" 215 14% bf been lifting for about 3 years diet and training top notch. So here they are.

    1. I am currently in a bulking cycle of 10 weeks, consisting of test/deca /dbol . I want to run the T3 for the last 6 weeks to minumize muscle loss. Is this ok?

    2. Will my gains be minumized if I run the T3 for the last 6 weeks?

    3. Will the T3 being used during this cycle allow me to lose existing fat or just keep me at the same % fat wise?

    4. Should I up my calroie and protein intake while on T3 or keep it the same, will it matter?

    5. What are the common side effects of T3?

    6. The weight that is lost what do I need to do to keep it off? I have read of people that come off it and blow right back up.

    Well thats all that I can think of for now if you have anything to add that I missed be my guest and add it.


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