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    New to androgens + everything on me

    First of all I'm an athlete so anyone with athletic experience relating to AAS please reply.

    I probably won't need doses in the range that most bodybuilders take.

    I was considering this: Winstrol 100mg per day weeks 1-8
    Milk thistle/ALA/TLD
    Nolvadex for PCT

    Since diet and training are 80%, I'd just like to outline how I plan to train and eat.

    Monday ME Squat
    Tuesday ME Bench
    Wednesday 4 Reps of sprints (or if too tired then light stuff like farleks)
    Thursday DE Squat
    Friday DE Bench
    Saturday: Plyos (burpees, etc) or sprinting
    Sunday: Ball handling, light intensity (maybe med int. cardio)

    Diet: It is fairly strict but it isnt mundane, I "generally" eat these type of foods
    Meal 1: Slow cooked multigrain oatmeal, flax seeds, eggs
    Meal 2: Chicken breast, beans
    Meal 3: Lean ground beef and stewed tomatoes
    Meal 4: Leftovers of one of those meals
    Meal 5: Dinner changes constantly
    Meal 6: Leftovers from dinner
    Meal 7: Flax oil and cottage cheese


    Back to androgens, I dont really want something aromatising since I need to keep lean. Winstrol piqued my curiousity because it will increase RBC count and provides maintainable strength.

    I would have gone with EQ yet I cant get a source for it that is within my price range. I could go for anavar , what are thoughts on that? (much more expensive than the winstrol for me)

    Closing, well I'm one of those newbies who has done some research first before asking so that must be refreshing. However I dont see or hear much on use for athletes.

    BTW This is the offseason for my sport- rugby. I need to run well and be lean.

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    How about Test Prop/Winny and a good anti-e? Btw, what are your stats, including age?


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    Im 6' , and my weight fluctuates alot, about 200-205. I am turning 23 in a couple months.

    I play openside flanker which is a position where you need to sprint frequently, tackle alot.

    I was considering test prop but didn't want to inject so often especially for a first cycle. I know this might sound weird but testosterone seems to be a good steroid for bodybuilders but no so much in my case where I don't really want to gain much weight but be able to train more and have strength/speed.

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    More answers needed please

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    I would do the test prop, I mean if you are really serious about taking AAS to help you increase you athlectic potential then I do not see how injected would be that big of a deal.

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    Check your PMs mate

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    Stay away from Winny, not good for your joints.

    Just do a normal 500mg/wk of test for 10 wks.

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    Winny sucks. No further comment there.

    You said vascularity peaked your intereset. Just curious as to what benefit that has for a sport???

    Eq is a good choice. I ran 400mgs at 10 wks for my first and pleased with the results. I walked away stronger and leaner.

    However I popped my cherry in my pre-AR days. Based on what I know now...I would have undoubtfully ran 'test alone' instead.


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