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    Cutting With Gear....What's It Like?

    Alright fellas

    I've only done 1 bulking steroid cycle: Test/Deca which worked out great as I kept about 18lbs of mass.

    I'm 5'8" 180lbs and 17% bf

    I want to do a cutting cycle of 100mg Test Prop EOD (10 weeks) and 400mg EQ (12 weeks) very soon, I've done several natural cutting cycles but they have all lost me a ton of muscle as well as fat (even when I changed up my cardio and/or diet).

    So whats it really like cutting with steroids ? I ask this because I'm only used to watching my strength, muscle mass and enthusiasm go down the toilet.

    What should I expect? Increased or maintained strength?


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    ideally you should at least maintain muscle. some people slowly go up, some go down a little, but it really depends on diet and cardio. If you have the right diet with the right amount of cardio, you shouldn't really go down naturally either.

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    Why do you want to stop your test before your eq?

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