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    Pre-loading Shots...

    who here pre loads there shot (way before the shot is even necessary)

    and how long ahead of time do you do it?

    I usually just load up right before I do the shot... but this time around I might have to preload afew times before hand...

    just curious as to how many people do it... and under what circumstances...

    I have heard of people preloading there whole cycle... aight...

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    In a cycle involving ed or even eod shots, I preload a week's worth of shots on Sunday afternoon. I personally wouldn't load more than two weeks at a time, as the BA can cause some deterioration of the rubber stopper in the syringe. I definitely wouldn't load a whole cycle's worth.


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    I would agree with moto about that alcohol and the rubber stopper..but I wonder about water-soluble steriods (like Winistrol and Testosterone Suspension ).

    By the way, I don't pre-load syringes.

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    I preload my ed shots like moto said on sunday afternoon...and ill load my test or deca right before i shoot...defenatly wouldnt do a whole cycles worth, although i know theres someone on here that does (cant remember who???)

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    I have to load up two needles because I run 300mg of Deca and 500mg of Sust a week. My Deca is 100mg per amp so I have to load one and a half amps. Wish I didnt but I dont load more then two at a time. I also heard that the rubber stopper can get a bit brittle. I do have friends that load an entire cycle and they have never had any problems. They do it because this is how they buy it. I wouldnt think that the rubber stopper could deteriate (spelling) in a months time, if it was a good needle to start with.

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    On tren ED so yeah, I also load up a weeks worth... too much damm trouble to load every day (and it's murder on the bottles stopper!!!)


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