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    Question sustanon 250 amps?

    What is the best way to open the glass amps?

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    You can buy an amp opener online but usually, just snap off the top. That is if there is a line on the narrowest part or neck of the ampule. I have the Nile sus250's and they have no lines so I have to use a file on the neck until I score the glass. I then wrap a napkin around the base of the amp and a small piece of paper cloth on the top of the amp and snap it. Dont concern yourself to much if a bit of glass falls into the amp, remember to use a different needle to withdrawl the juice than the one your gonna stick yourself with. It's generally OK to use a file to score the neck with anyways, helps with ease of opening.

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    a file or a serrated steak knife to score around the top and a pen cap to snap off the top work well for me

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