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    recreational drugs

    I see where we have a lot of do-gooders abmonishing the guy asking about recreational drugs and how they affect your steroid use .

    His question is legitmate and I'm surprised at the self-rightousness and harsh response he received. All you guys that are doing steroids are doing something just as illegal as recreational drugs. they are in the same criminal class and carry the same punishment I understand.

    You should be ashamed for the hypocricy. For you to decide that a guy has to meet a certain committment to be on these boards, as you determine it makes me sick.

    I have found that if you use recreational drugs like marijuana, for example it will adversely affect your regime. You will be lazy and getting motivated to go work out at the gym will be all the harder. Lets just answer the guys question without being hypocrits. some people have subscriptions to valium, xanax, etc.

    Im not condoning recreational drugs, I dont think they mix well on a steroid program as described. i do have a legitmate script for xanax (which is essentially the same as valium which is similar to heroin i understand but if you do heroin you are definitely a loser) and there are times it has helped me get rid of anxieties and get to the gym. whether it does an overall disservice in the end Im not sure. marijuana will kill your spunk and if you do it like i have it will mess up your program and make it more difficult, at least for me. the only other recreational drug i've tried is speed once and it will kill your program, for me it meant taking 5 days off from working out to recover from it properly. Im sure other recreational drugs are the same way.

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    This is an AAS discussion forum. If recreational drugs are a persons point of interest, then they should find means to discuss them other than here. Like maybe, a board that is designated for that topic.

    It has nothing to do with hypocritic inforcement.

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