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    clearwater fla


    was considering taking a diaretic for a few days to lower b/p now 150 over 82
    by losing some water will this hurt my gains i am 8 weeks in of 12 week cycle.
    thx mad

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    It will help lose some water - but it is not a cure for your problem... more of a symptomatic approach... a quick fix to get drained per se. You need to find healthier ways to lower your b/p and water retention. Such as more cardio and/or less sodium in your diet, as well as pounding more water during the day so your body is less likely to think it needs to store water.

    I have used Lasix for a few (alternate) days when I blew up so bad I could see the water in my hands and wrists... then I started to pay more attention to diet and such and managed to keep it off... I also increased the anti-estrogens to limit some of the estrogen-induced water gain.

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    150/82 is really not a very high blood pressure. If it stays at that level I would not treat it at all, as it will come down off cycle.

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    I was at about that bp if not a little higher during my first 4 weeks of dbol , I swear there were times when i was having small heart attacks

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