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    Have Gear Listed Whats Best Way For Me?

    ok im getting married in may of this year . have done about 4 cycles total last one this time last year. need help as to what is best to take and when. id like to add a little more size but lose some fat also. im 6'1 and weight is 220 with a 36 inch waist would like to diet and get waist to about 33/34. i know they say dont diet when your on the sus but really dont need to get much bigger. here is what i have. let me know what you think would be best for me to lose a little fat and gain muscle so i look great. the big day is 1st week of may. so when would the best time to start i dont want to be on over honeymoon but being on clomid at that time is ok with me. i bench 350/squat500
    would it be better to lose stomach fat on clen and t3 before i start or do it while on? or after what are your thoughts?

    gear i have-

    16/250 of sustanon
    1 bottle of ultragan 100 (equipoise 100 per cc/10cc total)
    100 dbol 5mgs each
    140 clenbuteral
    100 t3
    100 clomid
    2 5000 iu hcg

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    In my opinion you need to read up and you also need more gear. Atleast double the EQ and 340 more mg of dbol .

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