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    How should you take t3's w/ the test/eq

    What should the T3 dosage be w/ a enanthate /eg cycle for my friend. We have totally different body types.

    His current status.
    Ht: 5'9
    body fat: 19%

    My current status
    body fat:10%

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    Start the T-3 no sooner then 3 weeks into your cycle, preferably as late as the 5th week. This will give the longer ester sterpids time to kick in and prevent muscle loss from the T-3 since the steroids will be building your muscles as the t-3 wants to eat at them a bit. T-3 is NOT anti-catabolic.

    For you yourself, I'd recomend trying Clenbuterol before jumping to T-3, and clen can be taken at virtually anytime since it is anti-catabolic.

    As for your friend, he can choose to run it a short time like a couple of a weeks, or up to 5 weeks.

    If you do chose to do the T-3, I recommend both of you searching for Cycleon's T-3 post in the educational sub-forums here on the message board.

    good luck, PM me with any other questions

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    i started taking just half for the first few weeks, i started taking it the 3rd week into my cycle............i normally take it first thing in the morning

    i was then planning on taking the whole ones throughout the month of february then most likely stopping, i was just going to do this to try and lose as much fat as possible for the winter music conference......................

    i already read the side affects of destroying your thyroid for the rest of your life but i just wanted to know any of your thoughts on doing this, how dangerous can this drug be............and is the way im doing this, the best way to lessen the chances of me harming my thyroid???????????????

    thanks for any help

    im a first time user of t3's

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