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    Expiration Dates

    I can get a good price on BTG var tabs but their expiration date is Feb 15th. How long does a products' potency decrease after its expiration date? or does it vary widely among different brands?


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    The FDA makes all food and drugs have an expiration date. Food is one thing, but with most medicines the expiration date is only there to rotate the stock and keep pharmaceutical sales up. Still gonna work the same. Hell theres even an expiration date latex and nylon gloves that doctors, dentist, etc use. Now tell me how on earth can nylon or latex expire? Get what I'm saying. If anything tell whoever your buying them from to lower the price and you'll think about it.

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    Kinda Zues...But that's entirely innaccurate, at least from USC pharmacy schools opinion.
    Foods have expiration dates based on when they spoil minus days/weeks/years to protect morons from eating them.
    Many perscription drugs (in the US) have shorter than what would be safe shelf lives to protect people/the FDA/and major pharm. co. After the exp. date the co. & FDA take no responsibility. But the exp. dates are set based on when the chemical compounds have been observed breaking down in lab testing beyond what an average individuals digestive system could handle.

    As for the var...if it's taken within the first couple weeks or even months after exp. date it should be fine. And equally as effective as if taken the month before, the breakdown of the compounds is really slow. If taken May or might experience sickness related to that breakdown and infections.

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