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Thread: test question?

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    test question?

    what do u mean when u say it takes a few weeks for test to"kick in"? does that mean u dont see ne results at all untill then or what? please explain. i kno a few people who have taken test only cycles and got strength/size within less than a week. i could understand if it was a short ester like prop but they were using cypionate a long ester.i kno everyone reacts diffrently but how does it take some people 4-5 weeks to see results? peace

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    results begin early because your body is still producing test at the beginning of a cycle. when you add test to your body your natural production begins to shut down and within a couple weeks your natural test levels are at a minimum. in addition, it takes 4-5 half lives of any drug to reach steady state levels in your body so for esters like cyp and enth that is a few weeks. so this period when your body is shutting down and your drug levels are slowly increasing is the "kick in" time. once the drug in your body reaches a steady state and hormone fluxes stop you are ready to grow.

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