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    should I up the dose

    Im coming In to my 5 week this week Im on sus250 a week and trenbolone 2 a week (first cycle) I have gaind weight and can lift more weight now than before but when will the results come (its a 10 week cycle para 8 weeks) should i take 500mg sus i can allso get testviron250 should i take that whit the sus250 or what i what to see some mass soon.
    well i think i can see som prograss but i what to not think but clearly see it.

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    Tren needs to be eod, or you're going to be roller-coastering the whole cycle.

    Sust can be bumped to 500, since you still have plenty of time left.

    How are the gains so far?

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    wll i gaind 6 pounds but that allso fat and my strengt is coming up to but i will like to see some muscles soon im doing 500mg sus now..

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