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    Truth Wanted - Your Cycle Opinion

    Fellas, I need your help, my questions are:
    1.) How do you determine your exact dosage level? Is there a hard guideline to follow (e.g. 1g protein/lb. body weight) Although I am sure there are many variables that factor in, what are some of the critical signs of needing to adjust your dose while on your cycle?

    2.) What are AS effect on long distance athletes while on a cycle? I am part of an organization that requires a physical test of a 2 mile run once a month, I also compete in triathlons during the summer.

    3.) Concidering PCT, what are some tips on keeping gains-diet and gym regimen.

    Placing the bottom line upfront, here is my profile and proposed cycle.
    26 yrs on the earth, 61, 196lbs.,newbie, first cycle, lift 5days a wk. for 3 years, strict diet (get my 200+ g of protein), 5g of creatine/day.

    Want moderate gains, keeping high % of muscle gained. The organization also weighs us once a month, I have consistently gained 1-2lbs a month over the last year, I don't want them overly suspicious, weight gain and sides considered. That said, I would like your opinion on the following cycle, what should I scratch off, or reduce?

    1-10 500mg test enanthate , 400mg equipose
    3-9 25mg dianabol everyday or 25 mg anadrol ed
    10-12 100mg clomid everyday
    10 1000 IU HCG everyotherday
    12-14 50mg clomid everyotherday
    12 1000 IU HCG everyotherday


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    u should really do some research on clomid and PCT

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    1-4 D's
    1-12 eth/500mg
    1-15 EQ/400mg
    need to run you pct better, hcg 500iu every 4th day or clomid at the end

    you wont be able to run that great while on the D'd cause of high blood pressure
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    i would stick with clomid for post cycle and run nolva througout. also, consider picking up some liquidex to reduce bloat from the test for during your cycle. otherwise, it looks good. and of course, run the dbol for the first 3-4 weeks if you decide to include it.

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