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Thread: Cycle Question

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    Talking Cycle Question

    After being on a cycle of test and dbol for for 6 weeks and finding out that my gear was fake, I am wondering if it is ok to go ahead and start another cycle since I didnt shut anything down and had no results on this fukked up cycle. Also, what can I expect from 500 mg of test and 3-400 mg of deca .

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    Was that your first cycle? If so then run a test only cycle like you were going to run the first time.

    Yes you can start a cycle now........ it was fake so there was no shutdown

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    right here
    You can start now and like TheMudMan said, go with an all Test cycle like you had planned before.

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    Sucks gettign fake gear. Test only is fine for a first timer but I always liked stacking better. Make sure you have anti-e's and pct before you start.

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