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    Steroids and Pregnancy

    This is kinda different of a question compared to most users of this forum. But unlike others who do not want to get their women pregnant. Well, my wife and I have been trying for over 7 months now, unprotected sex and several pregnancy tests later and still no baby. We have one 4 year old and we really want to give him a brother or sister. I have taken steroids in the past and i currently have a steroid cycle that my wife knows about and supports however she made me promise not to go on it until she becomes pregnant.

    I know that you can still get a woman pregnant while on the juice but i am just wondering if it increases or decreases the chances and/or if it can cause any defects in development of the fetus. I have heard of guys getting there women pregnant while in the middle of a cycle and not having any problems whatsoever. And then there are people who have taken steroids in the past who can never produce active sperm cells again and may never have another child.

    Any advice or education to this matter would be greatly appreciated.


    Until I really know I will not take this juice unless of course I have some good answers or till my wife gets the good news.

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    HCG for you..........

    Tribulus... 100mg per day...........or more.......... increases sperm production..

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    All three of my kids were concieved mid cycle.......and the last one happened as I was finishing an 8 month cycle..........

    But I have been told that I have a high sperm count to begin with so this may have been the reason for still being able to concieve. But generally your sperm count will lower while on cycle.

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    bump for info

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    so is there a chance that you will never be able to have a kid in the future if you have juiced before???

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan33
    so is there a chance that you will never be able to have a kid in the future if you have juiced before???
    Absolutely if you over do it and stay on extremely long times. At least in theory, but I have never known anyone to go sterile, personally. It will reduce sperm count. In fact, testosterone at 250mgs a week is more effective birth control than the pill as it stops sperm production. However, as some guys attest on here, it doesn't stop it for everyone.

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    My girl last got pregnant one month after my 16 week heavy ( for me ) cycle ( gram of test for 16 weeks, fina 100mgED for 12 of those 16 weeks, and winni 100mg ED last 6 weeks.) Used nolvadex 20mg a day all the way through. I then use nolvadex ( 20mg/day and clomid 50mg/day ) for two months throughout PCT. Also, I truly believe that the more sex you have ( 3-4 times/day ) the quicker you get back your natural test production hence sperm count up. No medical studies to back it up but just my humble opinion and personal expereince after # of cycles. You'll get there bro, don't sweat it. Later...

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    There was a similar thread the other day. Doc had a great reply...try looking that up.

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