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    How does this look

    Hey guys just finised my PCT, on a bulking cycle been off for 2 1/2 mnths now. getting ready to start next cutting cycle this is my second cycle this year. current stats are 5'9'' 215lbs. bf - 14%

    test. prop. 100mg. ed wk 1-12
    winstrol 50mg. ed wk 1-7
    trenbolone 100mg wk 6-12
    masteron 300mg wk / wk 7-12
    nolva 20mg wk 1-12
    armidex .25mgs. wk 1-12
    clenbuterol 1-5 tabs two wks on two wks off.

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    Looks decent, I would run the tren along side with the prop from the start, no need to wait six weeks, and maybe run the winstrol the last 6 weeks instead of the first, this way you can go nice and heavy at the gym and not worry about your joints.. That tren is a beautiful thing, excellent strength gains off that .. I would run the clen during PCT not during the cycle in my opinion, the winstrol and masteron , and fina will keep you nice and lean during cycle.. Just end the fina a few weeks (1-2) before your last shot of test this will help you recover ALOT better..

    Good luck hooker

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