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    Fina vs. EQ/Deca

    Alright guys, I've been thinking this through for a while now.

    Fina gets good hard muscle
    Eq/Deca gets good hard muscle

    Fina takes 2-3 wks to start
    EQ/Deca 5-6 wks to start

    So why don't people run fina instead of EQ/Deca??? I can't see any reason to **** w/ EQ/Deca when you can run fina.

    The only upsides I can see is less shots and less sides.

    Am I wrong on this???


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    Fina and Deca , & EQ are like Apples and missing parts to an old tricycle.
    They're all good, but Totally different.
    I guess if you compared Fina @ week 8, to Deca/EQ together @ week 16, and Deca has been dropped for 3 might have something similar.

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    i would say tren is the best out of them all...but it really depends on what your willing to do, and what your willing to put up with

    tren has been known to cause alot of sides, and you have to inject ed

    eq will keep you lean (no water, diet is what will keep the fat off)...and bring out good vasularity...

    deca worked wonders for me in my first cycle, got stong as hell, but looked super soft and much water for me...i will run it again, but with .5mg L-dex ed

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    I think it comes down to where your at in your cycling. I wouldn't recommend fina in a 1st or 2nd cycle. First time running fina should be for 6-8 weeks to see how you react to it. Back in the day BBers used parabolan (tren aka fina with a longer ester)when the other steroids weren't giving then the gain they used to get. Now we use it when ever, I used it in my 3rd cycle.


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