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    Would this Routine Help an Offensive Lineman?

    Hello, this is a weight training and agility/cardio program given to me by a friend. Thought I would ask you guys to see what you think.
    Monday (Upper Body)
    Incline Press
    Resisted Bench Press
    Dumbell Incline
    Decline Press
    Tricep Press

    Running Stairs
    Running Hills
    Agility Bags
    800 Yard Run

    Tuesday (Lower Body)
    Quad Leg Extensions
    Leg Press
    Hamstring Raises
    Calf Raises

    Sprint 40s
    Downhill Sprints
    Sprint 400

    Basically Wednesday and thursday are variations of Mon and Tues.

    I dont think what i am doing is correct, and i think it is not enough. So if anyone has a routine they could send me...especially for weight training, it would be greatly apreciated.

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    you need some power excersises, hang cleans, push press, power clean, DB jerks

    scrap the leg press just do squats, no need for decline bench
    don't run 800 meters unless its a warm up your chasing 2 rabbits doing that
    keep the sprints under 100 yds it is most beneficial to go as fast as you can all the time to develop speed and power not endurance

    You can over do it remember that, some times not alot is best

    I gotta go to bed but i can post a work out on here later or just go to the workout forums

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    i believe there is a great west coast workout posted somewhere in the football forum, take a look at it, it works ****ing great

    if you cant find it, pm me and ill give it to u


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    ProPayne7 is offline New Member
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    thanks thedudex. ill look for the West coast workout.

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    Oct 2004
    oh yeah, thanks sicknasty as well....if you wouldnt mind, post what you think is best, and ill compare that one with the west coast workout

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