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    Unhappy urgent help on a cutting cycle !!

    HI !!
    currently on a cutting cycle which looks like this :
    -low carbs (50-100g/day),high protein,low fat
    -45 min-1 hour cardio 5Xweek
    -ECA stack made me sick a few days ago,so I can't use it anymore
    -t3,winny 50 mg ed
    -can't add other gears...
    -1 "shit day" week: I eat high carbs but clean diet once a week (on saturday or on sunday:begin on saturday evening til sunday evening)
    I have to have that shit day or I become depressive

    actually I'm at +/- 13% bf (was at 17% 5 weeks ago), can slowly beginning to see a 4 pack,nothing more...still have love handles...

    THE PROBLEM is that I have to be ready for pictures in 4 weeks at least and that means that I must have a six paks abs and no more love handles , that means that I have to drop 5% more bf !!

    What kind of advices could you give me? It's very important for me bros so please help !!!!!


    "WHO'S NEXT ?"
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    normally I can lose 1% per week if I am nailing all the right factors.
    IMO increase the cardio to 1 hr in the morn and 45min at night. You are using a heart rate monitor to keep the BPM down to within your fat burning range?
    I guess you are not eating carbs after 4pm? Carbs are clean and low GI?
    Water deplete on the last week, use sauna if you absolutely have to.
    Keep the protein high to try and limit the muscle loss..
    G'Luck to you...

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    I would hase most of my carbs for breakfast and right after my training, do cardio first thing in the morning, on empty stomach, and try not to eat for about 30-45 min right much T3 (mcg) are you using?...might want to switch your shit day to be all on saturday or all on sunday, if you do it starting saturday evening and go to sunday evening, to me that's two shit days...and that's no good, so change that...remember if you really want those abs you will have to sucrafice, nothing comes for free in this life...make sure you eat all your calories divided into at least 6 meals, i usually eat at least 7...try some non-ephedrin based fat burners, some of them can acctually help quite a bit...or use a really low dosage of ephedrin based product and build up your tolarance...good luck Bro...XXL

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