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    Pwo necessary???

    today is supposed to be chest, abs, and calves day at the gym but it was closed due to a power outage. When i got home 1hr ago i did about 100something pushup taking only 40 second rests between each set. I did as many as a i could each set until i fell on my face due to failure. I got a huge pump doing this. Plus i did calves raises in my house and did some cruches aswell the workout was a little over a half an hour. Did i deplete enough glycogen to have to take a pwo and ppwo because i just took my pwo now and im soon gonna eat some rice and tuna. What do you guys think?
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    IMO I say yes because you used up energy and broke down muscle, especially if it was as intense as it appears.

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    You shocked your muscle into different types of excercise/movements...You did the right thing by properly administering a good PWO meal afterwards. Good substitution. Now stick with your routine and move on to the next group tomorrow. ( Don't workout your Chest/Abs/Calves today)

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    You probably could cut down the size of the pwo meals, as you can't replicate the damage done by heavy weights as far as glycogen depletion, but you were probably close enough.


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