i lost anoher 0.5 inch on my quads..jesus..i can't get pics up yet as i'm still looking around for a digicam..i increased my dosage of hydroxycut to max dose on monday..and i went tanning yesterday..do you think this 0.5 inch is water? cos i can definitely see a big difference on the size of my legs..(smaller)..diet has been somewhat the same..training wise..i cut down on a bit of volume but still lift heavy as i decreased carbs to 130g from 140g last week...i will not go lower than 130g ..this is the lowest i will go for now...but i'm still doing cardio 3 days per week..increased to 65% max hrt rate from 60%...i can't think of any mistake from my diet..training is less tthan an hr..definitely not overtraining..i was thinking it may have been the cardio or the increased dose of hydroxycut(ephedra free). is there a possibility that i'm at a lower than before bf%, and i do not need to perform the same cardio intensity as when i started out? in this case i might be burning LBM? i can't tell if what i have is water or fat..currently my waistline is 29-29.5inch..there might not be much fat in a waist with that measurement right?